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Francesco Poggi, Tra contado, consiglio e piazza: conflitto e spazio politico a Orvieto all’inizio del Trecento.

The subject of this article are the interactions between political forces in Orvieto and in Bagnoregio, a small town under the authority of government of Orvieto, in 1303 and 1304. In these two years, the faction in Bagnoregio that attacked the podestà from Orvieto cooperates with the political opposition in Orvieto. These two political forces need to coordinate their efforts in different places and in different institutions to collaborate and fight against the ruling coalition of Orvieto. The paper analyzes how this forces try to integrate their actions that took place in several arenas.


Etienne Hubert, L’accertamento dell’età personale nell’Italia comunale

The paper tries to analyze methods for individual age certification in 13th-14th Italian city-states, where civil life depended on thresholds of age, which the principal one was of course the age of majority, such as everywhere at anytime. Legal sources as Artes notariae and jurists as Bartolo and Baldo confronted with judiciary documents and normative sources put evidence on two ways of certification, the aspectus corporis performed by the judge and the denumeratio annorum proved by oath and witnesses, which allowed the judge to pronounce its sentence, the instrumentum annorum.


Stefano Ferrari, Il viaggio italiano del duca Louis-Alexandre de La Rochefoucauld (1765-1766)

Accompanied by the secretary Jean-François Morellet (younger brother of the most famous André Morellet), by the scientist Nicolas Desmarest and the draftsman Jean-Jacques de Boissieu, between September 1765 and May 1766 Duke Louis-Alexandre de La Rochefoucauld accomplishes his unique journey to Italy. Although it cannot be assimilated to the classic Grand Tour, it pursues the main purpose of allowing all participants to have new experiences, both human and cultural, and to progress in their respective professional fields.


Lorenzo Ciccarelli, Scenografie pontificie. Il viaggio di Pio IX nelle Legazioni

In 1857 Pope Pius IX organized a long journey to the Legations. Conveyed as a pilgrimage to the Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto, the journey was a broader and strategic operation in order to reinforce the presence of the Pope into the population and defend the Papal State from the Italian unification process. The essay analyses the historical and political background of the journey, deepening the artistic, architectonic and urban interventions displayed in some of the cities, as Senigallia and Orvieto, that the Pope visited.



Sergio Tognetti – Veronica Vestri, Nuovi documenti su Dino Compagni

The essay focuses on the publication and historical contextualization of 35 notarial deeds drawn up for Dino Compagni, his family and his business company between October 1300 and September 1301. These documents produced by notary Jacopo di Guido di Dato da Campi allow us to better understand the economic and social profile of the famous Florentine chronicler, just in the twelve months preceding the violent seizure of power by the Black Guelphs with the consequent political ruin of Dante Alighieri and Dino Compagni himself.


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Paolo Tomei, Milites elegantes. Le strutture aristocratiche nel territorio lucchese (800-1100 c.) (Mauro Ronzani)

Gregory Roberts, Police Power in the Italian Communes, 1228-1326 (Leardo Mascanzoni)

Barbara Bombi, Anglo-Papal Relations in the Early Fourteenth Century. A Study in Medieval Diplomacy (Isabella Lazzarini)

Popolazione e immigrazione a Roma nel Rinascimento. In ricordo di Egmont Lee, a cura di Anna Esposito (Andrea Fara)

Alison Brown, Piero di Lorenzo de’ Medici and the Crisis of Renaissance Italy (Lorenzo Tanzini)

Mario Biagioni, Viaggiatori dell’utopia. La Riforma radicale del Cinquecento e le origini del mondo moderno (Dennj Solera)

Carmine Pinto, La guerra per il Mezzogiorno. Italiani, borbonici e briganti 1860-1870 (Christian Satto)


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